HMA Karate

kar1During January 2000 Daniel Sensei decided to take the leap and open his own dojo in a factory unit in South Windsor, with only 40 members and after years of training on wooden and concrete floors in schools and community centres it was time to follow his dream.

After only one year HMA had grown to over 200 members and today at a new premises has the diversity to run classes from Tiny Tigers through to Adults, elite training, tournaments and weapons training.

kar2The wonderful story of Karate Budokan International is interesting and steeped in history with Mr Chew Choo Soot and his sons Tony and Richard and daughter Angie being founders.

Mr Chew was raised from a young age by his grandfather who was a Confucian Scholar. Many years later Mr Chew became
interested in weightlifting and eventually became the Malaysian national weightlifting champion.

kar3At age 20 he was introduced to the art of

“Karate-Do” and Mr Chew was contracted by a Japanese military officer to become a personal fitness coach.

During one of his visits there Mr Chew was shown what is now known as Kata starting the lifelong connection to karate.

Karate is an ever-evolving art and KBI is no different, from these humble beginnings the first Malaysian KBI Dojo was formed.

KBI Dojo was formed in 1968, Mr Chews two sons migrated to Australia and KBI schools soon developed all over the country.

KBI now enjoys a global presence with branches in India, Germany, Malaysia, Pakistan, Norway, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emerites, Wales and Australia, with World Headquarters located in Noosa under the instruction of Shihan Wayne McDonald.

Building a better Community, one Black Belt at a time!